SOSSI provides consultation, technical assistance, training, and program development to serve as a catalyst to transform and improve the workforce and community development.



SOSSI is a community of partners committed to youth and family success; one child one adult, one parent, one community at a time...


SOSSI is made up of leaders who believe in integrity before excuses. We are committed to making a difference and improving the overall success of youth, families, adults, and their communities. We believe in:

  • Supportive leadership

  • Organized collaboration

  • Strategic focus

  • Systematic solutions

  • Intentionality with integrity

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Our multigenerational model is a holistic approach to dropout prevention and reconnecting youth with advocacy, engagement, and action that transforms and improves the quality of life for all participants. Using our COMPASS (COMmunity PArtners for Sustainable Success) Model, SOSSI has developed into a network of educators, industry professionals, nonprofits, businesses, and community leaders working to positively impact and sustain communities.

                     Services increase the community's capacity to decrease the                      number of dropout students by increasing the following:

  • Literacy Levels

  • Opportunities for Success

  • Academic Performance

  • Financial Literacy

  • School Attendance

  • Workforce Readiness

  • Graduation Rates

  • Quality of Life

  • Parent, Family & Community Engagement

  • Computational Thinking & Computer Science Skills


SOSSI teaches the importance of 21st-century learning skills, professional skills, and entrepreneurship. We work to raise awareness in the community. Our partners gain stronger collaboration among traditional school systems, workforce agencies, and community organizations.



Saving Our Sons & Sisters International (SOSSI) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization made up of no-excuse leaders of integrity committed to making a difference and improving the overall success of youth, families, adults, and their communities.  Since 2009, SOSSI has been raising awareness about the issues, identifying people, and solutions for all learners, allowing students, parents and community partners to understand the overall objectives that reengage and identify opportunities to actively participate in student’s learning experiences to increase expected outcomes for them and their families.

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